Shipping methods

Shipping costs depend on where the delivery zone is situated.

Shipping to the European Economic Community

  • Deliveries towards Spain (excluding Ceuta, Melilla, Balears Isles and Canary Isles) and Portugal cost 7,00
  • Deliveries towards Austria, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic and Balears Isles cost 12,00
  • Deliveries towards Slovakia, Slovenia and Andorra cost 15,00
  • Deliveries towards Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Unghery, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Romania and Sweden cost 20,00€. In this zone, it is also included every shipping to Canary Isles.
  • Deliveries towards Cyprus, Ceuta and Melilla cost 30,00€.

Shipping outside the European Economic Community

SupremeSpain delivers outside the CEE, too.

For this kind of orders it is requested a minimum import of 250,00€ per order.

There could be customer taxes to pay. The import vary on the import of the order.

The prices for the expeditions in these areas are:

  • 15,00€ for the shipping towards Switzerland
  • 30,00€ for the Turkey and Norway
  • 40,00€ for Albany, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iceland, Macedonia, Serbia-Montenegro.

The effective delivery for these areas may take up to 10 days.

Which courier delivers?

  • For the shipping towards Spain and Portugal, SupremeSpain delivers with Envialia;
  • For the shipping towards the rest of the Europe, the main courier used is GLS.

How can I track my shipping?

For the orders towards Spain, we usually deliver within 2 days. Considering the fast shipping, for this reason, we don't have the tracking number of the package.

For the international orders, you can ask the tracking numer in every moment by e-mail to our Customer Care