Shipping methods

Shipping costs depend on where the delivery zone is situated.

Shipping to the European Economic Community

  • Deliveries towards Spain (excluding Ceuta, Melilla, Balears Isles and Canary Isles) and Portugal cost 7,00
  • Deliveries towards Austria, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic and Balears Isles cost 12,00
  • Deliveries towards Slovakia, Slovenia and Andorra cost 15,00
  • Deliveries towards Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Unghery, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Romania and Sweden cost 20,00€. In this zone, it is also included every shipping to Canary Isles.
  • Deliveries towards Cyprus, Ceuta and Melilla cost 30,00€.

Shipping outside the European Economic Community

SupremeSpain delivers outside the CEE, too.

For this kind of orders it is requested a minimum import of 250,00€ per order.

There could be customer taxes to pay. The import vary on the import of the order.

The prices for the expeditions in these areas are:

  • 15,00€ for the shipping towards Switzerland
  • 30,00€ for the Turkey and Norway
  • 40,00€ for Albany, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iceland, Macedonia, Serbia-Montenegro.

The effective delivery for these areas may take up to 10 days.

Which courier delivers?

  • For the shipping towards Spain and Portugal, SupremeSpain delivers with Envialia;
  • For the shipping towards the rest of the Europe, the main courier used is GLS.

How can I track my shipping?

There’s no automatism that gives the tracking number to the customers.

It can be asked at any time at the mail address our customer care will give you the direct link to the web page of your tracking as soon as possible.